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A full service roofing company, our expertise includes tile and flat roofs, as well as shingle roofs. Our staff is also highly qualified in carpentry and can solve your rotten wood, fascia, or soffit issues.

Roofing & Company, LLC. was formed to bring competent roofing and integrity to the businesses and residents of the greater Central Florida area. The owners and staff take pride in each every job they perform wether it be a full roof replacement or the smallest of repairs. Our phones are answered by one of the company principles 24 hours a day. We will be up front in honest, we will never perform a repair to a roof that has already lived out it’s life. We will not tell you that you need a new roof if a repair will correct the issue that you are experiencing. We want Central Floridians to have a roofer that they can depend on and trust.
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We understand the replacement of your roof is a major investment. Our professional staff will meet with you and explain any issues that your existing roof may be experiencing. They will also explain how the Florida weather can effect the life span of your roof. Knowing these facts will make it easier for you to determine which roofing and ventilation system best fits your needs. Roofing & Company wants to leave you with a solution to your roofing needs and a piece of mind that you are making the right decision.


We use only the highest quality of materials, and we are licensed and insured. All of our staff are employees and are fully covered under workmen’s compensation insurance. Because we are fully committed to superior workmanship and excellent customer service, a Customer Satisfaction Evaluation is the final step of every job.

No job is too complex or too small, so please contact us for a free estimate today. We look forward to answering your questions and finding the best solution for your roofing needs



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We know that replacing your roof is a major investment. In some instances your roof may just need a quality repair. Don’t ignore the warning signs that something is wrong. A nagging drip or a stain on your ceiling can be warning that water intrusion is occurring in your home. Having a quality repair done to your roof can save you thousand of dollars in the future. Some examples of the damages are rotting roof decking, trusses and other wood deterioration. We know the root of a problem is not always obvious; we’ll determine the source of the leak and make proper repairs.




One of the things we see more often then not is the need for all property owners to maintain their roofs. 


Allowing leaves and other debris to collect on your roof allows moisture build up and then can cause rot. Allowing tree limbs to extend on or over your roof can cause granular loss, tearing , gouging or even puncture your roof system. When these limbs break they can cause damaging impacts to your roof. Gutters are another problem we see, gutters that are full of debris can not drain properly, this can cause water to back up and lead to roof leaks. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a bi-annual roof inspection and gutter cleaning.


Roofing & Company offers maintenance contracts to insure that your roof and gutters are clean of any debris build up. While cleaning roof area we also will inform you of any repairs that might be needed.. With a properly executed maintenance contract you can not only add years to the life of the roof, but it will detect minor problems before damage is widespread.

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